Episode 105 – Of Finding Different Ways to Fit Comfortably

by admin on February 9, 2012

Dawn, coming off the couch a couple days late after being laid low with some flu-ish thing, makes up for lost time with an extra-long episode fueled by cold medicine and the need to figure out how to best fit herself into what she wants to be. It’s way easier said than done, and the show is largely about previous (and failed) attempts, both of the philosophical and the fashionable variety. Why do we look the way we do, why do we act the way we do, and what caused us to finally get poured into the forms we take today? The answers include fashion faux-pas of the 90s, Poodle Hair of the late 80s, and the joy a woman feels when she finally finds a bra that fits just right.

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Foible February 10, 2012 at 6:29 am

Thank you!

I’m going to post before I even listen to the episode just to say that I’m glad you shook the cold enough to make a show this week. It feels like getting a new edition of my favorite magazine in the mail, I don’t know exactly what’s inside but I know I’ll have a good time finding out.


Matt February 10, 2012 at 6:52 pm

I just wanted to comment on the discussion of paying someone else to do tasks that would take longer or make your life better. In Micro-economics this would be referred to as “opportunity costs” meaning that if my time is more valuable than the cash cost, then it is more cost effective to pay someone else. To keep it simple; if it would take me an hour to wash my car or I can spend 3 minutes and $5 then is 57 minutes of my life worth $5 (this does not take into account the physical work aspect)?

On the same token . . . 4 years of college and all I have is this stupid comment. Probably not cost effective.

Thank you for doing the show!


Foible February 13, 2012 at 7:07 am

We are also assuming that the end results are equivalent. If the five dollar car wash is as good as a hand wash then your math for opportunity costs are correct. If the hand wash results are even slightly better than we get into what the value of that difference is. Maybe showing off a hand washed car is worth the fifty-seven minutes to somebody.

I used to love my economics courses in college. Maybe it was because there were so few rigorously proven facts that you could argue whatever side you wanted and make a case for it. We had a ball with the trickle-down economics and the laffer curve, I imagine the current crop of students are debating similar theories and graphs.


Ralph Balf February 11, 2012 at 9:27 am

Great show! Nothing grabs my attention like a discussion about the difficulties of dressing one’s self. (I know that sounds like sarcasm, but I’m being totally sincere.)


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