Episode 216 – On (acting like) Boobs

by admin on February 24, 2014

After an opening bit where Patrick and Mary-Suzanne learn they share sleeplessness in common (much to the surprise of Dawn), the show sinks its teeth into the multiple ways that the internet has made entering someone’s living room and looking at their horrible wall-art extra-convenient. But should it be that convenient? And what the hell are we actually LOOKING AT, anyway? Instagramming tender moments, live-tweeting intimate rituals, or good-old-fashioned popping-off and getting called out for it – even if you’re a stupid teenager who hadn’t considered how thoroughly your life was going to change when you hit “post” at the end of your brainfart. Also: Things you probably shouldn’t put in your freezer.

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Geekoid February 24, 2014 at 7:27 am

Courtesy is no more or less then it’s ever been. How courteous were you when you where a teen? How many people slam dancing at a punk concerts were courteous?

Bobby – right now the school system is such that if a kid got called out, they could be suspended, expelled, remove from after school activities, and have it in there record that can impact college.
It used to be, you screwed up, the cops took you home, your parents punished you. The school was never involved, and there was none of this zero tolerance crap.

Also, your view of kids is more a reflection of you getting old not society changing it’s views.

Patrick: FYI – Tesla didn’t invent electricity. Not AC nor DC.

When you follow someone on twitter, you are entering their home.


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